Every day, over a billion students across the globe dream of studying abroad. As a result, student visas are in more demand now. It is a highly appealing prospect for young students as they can study almost in any country of their choice. However, a country like Canada is usually the most preferred one. However, it is challenging to select the right college, and province or even know the complete study visa process. This is where the guidance of professional immigration consultants in Chandigarh can be of great help. If you are planning to study abroad, it is imperative that you must know how to apply for a student visa and Visa Consultants in Chandigarh can help you.

Application Process For A Student Visa

Whether you have already visited immigration consultants in Chandigarh or planning on visiting a few in your vicinity, you must have a basic idea of what the application process for a student visa consists of.

Applying for a Study Program

First, you will need to submit an application for the study program of your choice. Once you do that, you will be able to enrol in a valid study program in a foreign country. This will be your first step towards being eligible for a student visa.

Visa Interview With The Embassy/Consulate

You will need to make a visa interview appointment with your local embassy or consulate once you’ve been accepted to a study program. If you will need to give an interview, you will be advised to do so by the concerned authorities of the country you are applying for a study visa.

Compilation Of Your Documents

When you will need to submit your application, all your documents must be in order. Get all your documents scanned and photocopied that are required by the embassy. If your documents are in a regional language, you will need to get them translated into English.

Visa Payment Submission

When you will submit your study visa application, you will also need to pay the visa processing fees, as well as landing fees. Some visa offices can ask you to make an appointment for your visa while others may prompt you to do so on the same day. However, make sure you double-check the requirement and proceed accordingly. Visa Consultants in Chandigarh can help you throughout every step of your study visa filing.

Student Visa Interview

You will be asked to schedule your student visa interview. So when you do that yourself or with the help of immigration consultants in Chandigarh, make sure you don’t miss the date or time. Rescheduling an appointment for a study visa can be challenging before the start of your semester.

Requirements for Student Visa

Passport – Your passport must be at least valid for the next six months from your date of application. If it will expire soon, you must apply for a new passport and then apply for the visa.

Application Form – You will need to fill out a student visa application form with all your details. You can get it easily with the help of immigration consultants in Chandigarh.

Passport Pictures – You will be required to submit your recent passport pictures. The number of pictures and specifications will be provided to you.

Proof of Admission – You will be asked to submit your enrollment record or admission letter to prove that you have been accepted for a particular study program in the destination country.

Financial Proof – You will need to prove to the authorities that you can financially support yourself once you have been accepted for the study program. If your family is supporting you, financial statements of your family will be required. In the case of a scholarship, you need to attach proof that you are a financial aid recipient.

Civil Documents – You will also need to provide some civil documents such as your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if you are married), and resume.

International Student Health Insurance – You may or may not be required to purchase a health insurance plan that covers the entire period of your studies. This requirement varies from country to country.

Previous University Records – Your school and university records (if you attended college before applying for a foreign student program) will be required.

You can either gather all these documents yourself or choose the assistance of immigration consultants in Chandigarh to make the process much smoother. The professionals might also guide you on various other important points related to the filing so that your application is as immaculate as possible.

Summing It Up

When applying for a student visa, getting the help of professional immigration consultants in Chandigarh can be of great assistance. Imperil9 Overseas Education Consultants have years of experience that you can utilize to your advantage and put forward a strong case that limits the chances of visa denial. We are one of the best Visa Consultants in Chandigarh and will assist you at every step of your visa filing process.

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